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Mizer 2.4.0

Celebrating Christmas with a new mizer release that makes building realistic multispecies models even simpler.

Don't use von Bertalanffy growth parameters

Beware of the difference between age-dependent growth curves and the size-dependent growth curves used by mizer.

Temperature-dependent rates in mizer

Temperature is an important driver of ecosystem change. Now you can include it in mizer.

Tuning growth curves with a shiny gadget

I present to you a new shiny gadget that makes tuning a model to reproduce the desired growth curves feel like child's play. And this is only a first glimpse of the future of interactively tuning mizer models.

A 5-step recipe for tuning the model steady state

Getting a steady state for your mizer model that agrees with observations is in principle a hard chicken and egg problem. I present the trick that makes it surprisingly easy, with a 5-step recipe. I'll save tips on what to do when the recipe fails for later blog posts.

Reproducible research with mizer, GitHub, RPubs and binder

Share your code in 5 easy steps, so that others can easily reproduce your results and build on your work.

Change model parameters without using @

Mizer provides dedicated functions for changing model parameters. Using them protects you from pitfalls arising from manipulations with the `@` symbol.

Density-dependence in reproduction

The take-home message is that it is important to set the density dependence in your model appropriately and that with the help of the `setBevertonHolt()` function you can easily make changes to the density dependence without spoiling other aspects of your calibrated model.

Welcome to the mizer blog

mizer is now 9 years old. mizer is becoming more social. Time to start a blog.

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mizer blog


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